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Ravens Crowing, We Stand Beneath The Flaming Tide
Posted on Saturday June 10, 2017

Been a while since my last update, and there’s a lot to report.

The first round of editing has been completed!

Along with the text edits, I’ve made a considerable amount of changes. Perhaps the biggest of which is that I increased the physical size of the book.

The new size does a better job of showcasing the art and allowed me to increase the font size to make the text a bit more readable.

The second change is the page count. The book now comes in at 100 pages and unless something drastic happens in the second round of edits, I’d say that page count is locked.

Other changes are related to formatting within the book, adjusting art for the new page size, changing fonts and removing some page elements that were getting in the way of presenting the story clearly.

I think all of this has made the book 100% better and I’m really excited with the how it looks now.


Next steps!

The book was turned back over to editor extraordinaire, Paula Guran, for a second round this morning.

I’m expecting that these edits should be mostly cleaning up spelling errors, typos or the odd awkward sentence as the bulk of the heavy lifting was done in round one.

Round two should be completed within a week or two.

Once that’s done, I’ll be reaching out to a few people who I have targeted for a beta read.

My hope is to launch a kickstarter campaing for printing/pre-ordering by mid summer.



When death comes knocking
Posted on Wednesday April 19, 2017

At the beginning of February, everything seemed on track. The book was in the hands of the editor and I was starting to look toward printing and wrapping up this project.

Of course, that’s when everything took a detour.

I had finally decided to have some corrective surgery on my sinuses after putting it off for far too long. When the day came, it was supposed to be a simple three hour operation with less than a week’s recovery. Easy, right?

As I was coming out of the anesthesia, I felt an uncomfortable pain in my chest and along the upper portion of my left arm. I reported this to the nurse watching over me in the recovery room and suddenly I was surrounded by an army of doctors.

Apparently, I was having a heart attack.

Emergency treatment began and for the next several days I was poked, prodded and studied. All of which, saved my life.

The results showed that two of my major arteries were 100% blocked and the other’s were 90% blocked (all due to a hereditary condition) and I would need quadruple bypass surgery. A post midnight ambulance ride later and I was in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital awaiting the procedure.

As I am here typing this, I am happy to report that the operation was a success.

I spent the rest of February in the hospital and was finally allowed to return home the first week of March.

Since then, I have been in recovery. The good news is, I am on track to make a full recovery and it’s expected that within six months I will be back to doing everything normally.

The bad news is that recovery is filled with good days and bad days and often leaves me pretty tired. As such, my creative endeavors, including this book, have been affected due to just not having the energy necessary to do the work.

Every day though, that is improving.

This week, my amazingly talented editor, Paula Guran, has returned the book to me and I am in the process of starting to make the edits.

In normal circumstances, I’d probably say I need a week or two, but as these days are not exactly normal, it may be a bit longer for me to make the edits.

I am working as fast as I can though and I’m still hopeful that this project will be released this year.

Special thanks to all who have reached out and helped during this difficult time and I look forward to seeing you all soon!



For a lifetime she had dark thoughts on her mind
Posted on Tuesday November 08, 2016

This past weekend was my second FaerieCon and I had a great time.

When I attended last year, it was such a new environment for me that I probably didn’t really appreciate what a unique and welcoming community supports this con.

This year, I made an attempt to go in with a more positive attitude and even bought myself a costume to wear to the masquerades each night. This kind of “all-in” approach made the whole experience so much better. I reunited with many of the folks from the previous year and made a lot of new friends as well. Many drinks and stories were shared, and it was a blast seeing all of the amazing costumes that people had prepared and wore during the weekend.

I had a great number of wonderful conversations at my vendor table and everyone who saw the early preview of The Ravens of Unresting Thought, expressed excitement and seemed genuinely interested to get their hands on a copy. I think the theme and mythology really seemed to resonate and I’m looking forward to the day when people will be able to really read and absorb what has been a long developing project.

As for where the project currently stands, here is what needs to be completed:

2 – full page illustrations
2- revise or replace illustrations
a few graphical elements to appear on some of the more text heavy pages
completed afterward text

That’s it!

So my new deadline target is the end of the year. Realistically, I think I’ll be done sooner, but always good to give myself some extra room for the unknown.


Somewhere along the lonely road I had tried to find you
Posted on Wednesday September 07, 2016

This is the second update I’ve written this week. The first one was too personal, paid to much attention to the man behind the curtain and I don’t think I’m ready to be that public just yet.

One of the many changes this summer has brought, has been an exposure to the concept of mindfulness.

a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

It’s a very difficult concept for me, because I live so much in my head. I’m working on it though.

Speaking of working, how about an actual project update?

Here is the short list of all that remains to be finished on The Ravens of Unresting Thought.

Until next week,


Falling Off the Edge of the World
Posted on Thursday September 01, 2016

I think about closing the door
And lately I think of it more
I’m living well out of my time
I feel like I’m losing my mind

It’s easy to fool yourself into believing you have everything under control, that it’s just a bad day and that things will turn around eventually. You might actually even begin to believe it, but then that bad day turns into a bad week, a bad month, a bad year. You begin to wonder how it happened. Where did things go wrong? Who is to blame for all of this? Am I just cursed?

I should be at the table round
A servant of the crown
The keeper of the sign
To sparkle and to shine

You think you are amazing, but no one sees. No one cares. You feel alone and abandoned. Can’t they see? Don’t they know?  There is no connection. You feel that absence and think… to hell with them. You will be a fortress, you will be your own support. You become a tower of invincibility, a self sustaining being living within the confines of your own mind.  Again, it’s that illusion of control and it comforts you. Makes it easy to withdraw, makes it easy to push away, to become the repellent because that’s better than the disappointment.

Never, no never again!
Listen to me and believe what I say if you can
Never, this is the end
You know I’ve seen the faces of doom and I’m only a man
Help me, tell me I’m sane
I feel a change in the earth, in the wind and the rain
Save me, take me away
You know I’ve seen some creatures from hell and I’ve heard what they say!

It doesn’t make the loneliness go away though and now you only have your own thoughts to keep you company. So you become acutely self aware. You know that it’s all your fault. You know that you are not attractive enough, not smart enough, not friendly enough, not talented enough. You know that no matter how hard you try, you will just never be good enough. You will never be accepted. You will never belong.

I’ve got to be strong
Oh, I’m falling off the edge of the world
Think you’re safe, but you’re wrong!
We are falling off the edge of the world!

So there you sit, alone and cornered and helpless to do anything about it. You ruminate. You fixate. You become reckless and make decisions purely to see what happens, hoping that something, anything, breaks this cycle.

Look out! there’s danger! no where to run!
It seems like desperate measures but sometimes it has to be done
Over, it’s over at last
There’s a message inside as we build a new life from the past

Time to choose… either follow that road to the inevitable end or choose a new road.

We’re falling off the edge of the world!
Yes, the edge of the world!
It’s the end of the world!

So this is me, navigating strange highways. Trying new things. There are still many bumps in the road, but I can see a different horizon and maybe I’m feeling a tiny bit hopeful that this road will be different, that I’ll learn to enjoy the view along the way and find comfort among my traveling companions without the burden of predestination.

All of which is an artsy attempt to say… this summer has been full of change, and as a result this project had to take a backseat for a while until I could take care of myself a little better than I had been.

See you back here next week for some project metrics and a new sneak peak.


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